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Vape Cartridge and Pen Storage/ 510 Vape Pen Cartridge Organizer

This is a Vape Cartridge organiser, which is designed to hold 36 Cartridges, and you can hold your vape pen or pods as well.
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This is a Vape Cartridge organiser, which is designed to hold 36 Cartridges, and you can hold your vape pen or pods as well.

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Your available retail space is a precious commodity. You can make the most of your high-cost e-cigarettes and steam products by adding countertop showcases. Our display cabinet is designed to be conveniently placed on your work surface and is a safe way to display your high-cost e-cigarettes and steam products for sale. Another good solution to highlight high-priced items is to display them in glass showcases to provide your Smoke & Vapor Shop with a higher level of security and an expensive look and feel. Customers are automatically attracted by the goods displayed in the glass showcase, and may expect the goods inside to be of high value and worth paying a high price. As more and more Smoke & Vapor Shops continue to operate, many shops hope to stand out in an upscale environment. Placing your smoke and steam goods in stylish installations, such as our glass cube display, is a great strategy to convey a luxurious atmosphere. To ensure that your countertop display cabinet has the greatest impact on your customers, be sure to consider the location of the cashier counter and packaging counter. Usually, these counters are placed near the exit on the left side of the store to encourage customers to buy those last-minute impulse goods.

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In order to maximize the wall space around your smoke and steam shop, we recommend using slatted wall panels to display various products. Similar in function to the pegboard display, it is very suitable for displaying items of various shapes and sizes. The slatted panel provides a more beautiful appearance for your store. In addition to providing finished wall treatments for your retail space, they can also be easily customized by adding slat accessories, such as slat hooks, wooden shelves, tempered glass shelves, bull nose racks with slat rack brackets, wire baskets, acrylic boxes, etc. .For the middle of your sales floor, we recommend using slat displays, such as slat H gondola displays, slat T gondola displays, rotating slat displays, slat cube displays and slat 4-way displays. Convey your personal style with our fascinating range of colors, including walnut, maple, black and white. These displays are great for placing in the checkout area or near popular products because they are best for displaying free products without taking up too much space.

As a professional Vape display designer and manufacturer, We do deep customized service for acrylic vape displays, cbd oil displays, e-juice and e-liquid displays, e-cigarette racks. Please feel free to contact us to create your own display stand.