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Why do almost all e-cigarette brands use acrylic e-cigarette display stands?

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Update time : 2017-11-24 13:12:00

Since the invention of e-cigarettes in the 21st century, it has gone through a long 16-year spring and autumn period. Subsequently, e-cigarettes around the world have begun to rise rapidly; subsequently, people have begun to find all kinds of matching display racks to display and display. Recently, more and more E-cigarette brands choose to use acrylic to process custom-made e-cigarette display stands. So, what are the advantages of custom-made acrylic display stands?

1. In terms of materials, the acrylic e-cigarette display rack is made of environmentally friendly acrylic materials, which can combine the design concept of e-cigarettes with advertising and display racks, which can ensure the overall aesthetics and at the same time It also helps to improve the overall image of the company's brand;

2. From the appearance point of view, the customized acrylic e-cigarette display stand has a beautiful appearance and can highlight the grade of the product. This not only shows the appearance of the product very well, but also improves the quality of the product, which is beneficial Product sales; and can UV print high-definition publicity pictures, can also customize the luminous brand LOGO, highlighting the brand.

3. In terms of weight, the same area of acrylic and glass, acrylic is lighter, convenient for frequent movement and handling, and it also has the transparency of glass at the same time, with strong light transmittance;

4. In terms of processing, acrylic material is easy to process. Everyone knows that it can not only be machined and bonded or lasered into various shapes, but also can be bent into various special-shaped display stands at high temperatures, and can also be customized according to electronic cigarettes. Carved holes in different sizes;

5. In terms of color, acrylic material is easy to color. Most customers who customize acrylic e-cigarette display racks will customize the LOGO according to their own brand, and they can also customize various color plates according to their needs, or even translucent plates. .

We are a professional acrylic display rack design and manufacturing factory. At present, we have cooperated with many e-cigarette brands. In the long-term e-cigarette display rack design and manufacturing process, our team has accumulated considerable experience, and we can quickly understand the customer’s Ideas and real needs, and then put forward more suitable suggestions, which are very helpful for the design and production of products.

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