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What are the skills of store display? Three misunderstandings of store display

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Update time : 2020-01-22 10:09:00

What are the skills of store display? Three misunderstandings of store display

Store display is a more important point for every store owner, and most store owners start from imitation when they learn store display. They don't know what the meaning of this arrangement is. , the following editor will tell you how to display each area in the store, and what misunderstandings are in the store display, to see if you have any "successful" places.

What are the skills of store display?

Store display skills 1: store display

1. Color display: 

Effectively use the arrangement and combination of colors to stimulate customers' desire to buy. The disorderly arrangement of colors will only give customers a cluttered feeling and are unwilling to get close. The point is to make changes frequently to stimulate the visual sense of consumers. The combination of each color is regular, and we can make colors according to the color circle. Classification, and then sub-classify and arrange according to the commonality of each color. 

At the same time, be careful not to divide the colors too rigidly, and cool and warm colors should have a sense of rhythm. (In the hue circle, the order of the twelve primary colors is: yellow, yellow-orange, orange, orange-red, red, magenta, purple, blue-violet, blue, blue-green, green, yellow-green.) On the hue wheel The shorter the distance between the two colors, the greater the commonality, the smaller the relative conflict, the weaker the contrast, and the more harmonious the effect. On the contrary, in the hue circle, the greater the distance between two colors, the less commonality between them, the greater the conflict and the stronger the contrast, the more lively and intense the effect will be. 

2. Reasonable use of area a:
The so-called area a is the area that is easiest to see first and foremost in the direction of passenger flow. Put our main and attractive styles in the A area, which will help the sales of the main styles. However, it should be noted that the price displayed in the A area should not be the highest, and should be dominated by the medium price (but it can also be based on the actual situation, for example, most of the people who come to our counters are those with high spending power).

3. The timing should be in place:
Each of our specialty stores must know who are the people who come to our store to buy clothes every day? Then choose the main push model according to different customer groups. For example: most of the people who come from Monday to Thursday are full-time wives, so we can put some fashionable, high-priced and unique clothes as the main push in the a zone or wear on the models. Most of the people who visit the store from Friday afternoon to Sunday are working women, so they can put moderately priced clothes in zone a or wear models. Of course, this is not absolute, it is mainly to find out who our customers come from to change our main promotion display according to the situation in various places.

Store display skills 2: scientific classification
1. Scientific classification of clothing:

For clothing stores that operate many types of clothing, if you want to make the store look neat and beautiful, you need to classify clothing scientifically. For example, a shop that makes children's clothing can classify clothing into baby clothing, children's clothing and juvenile clothing according to the age of the wearer. In this way, not only the store management is convenient, but also customers can easily find the clothing products they need when purchasing, and think that the store is quite professional in operation!

2. Make appropriate decorations in the children's clothing store:
Children's clothing products are actually a kind of art, and their artistic feeling will be stronger than other commodities. In order to highlight this feeling, we can properly do some decorations and furnishings in the store to improve the grade and taste of the store and arouse the interest of customers. But it is worth mentioning here that the decoration is a foil to the clothing products, and we must not steal the limelight of the products in the original notice, occupy people's attention too much, and give people a feeling of dominance, so we can spend more time decorating our own. The store will also be self-defeating.

3. Use fashion models to display:
In order to let consumers see the effect of wearing children's clothing more intuitively, children's clothing stores usually use fashion models to display in the display, and at the same time improve the texture and grade of children's clothing, customers will find it attractive and think that they wear it. The upper body can also have a beautiful effect. In addition, if there are young and beautiful clerks in the store, it is also a good way to display them vividly as fashion models. 

4. Create a good store atmosphere:
No matter how well the display of children's clothing is done, it needs to be integrated with the environment and atmosphere in the store. Therefore, the children's clothing store itself needs to have its own unique atmosphere. In addition, the display of children's clothing is full of visual beauty. Customers shop in the store. When you are, you will naturally feel relaxed and happy. In this way, the probability of closing a transaction with a customer is indirectly increased.

Three misunderstandings of store display

This misunderstanding is generally reflected in the lack of awareness of display by the clerk, thinking that as long as they recommend well, the product can be sold in an inconspicuous place, but they do not know that display is a silent sale! Take a look at the ZARA store, there is no shopping guide to serve you, and you sell your goods entirely by displaying them! Therefore, a good display allows customers to actively inquire about the product, and at the same time makes the customer form a good impression of the product. The era of beauty has arrived, and brands that do not pay attention to display will eventually have no way out.

Store display misunderstanding 2: small store is not good for display The store area is too small, the display can not be effective? I have shared with you before: the store area is too small, how to display a sense of luxury?

Store display misunderstanding 3: Don’t dare to buy and put in stock The main body of the display is the product! If there is not enough goods, it is impossible to do a good job in store display! If you don’t dare to buy because you are afraid of creating inventory, it will only make the image of the store worse and worse, which will affect the sales of the store, and the final result is a vicious circle! In addition, digital display management of products is also required. There is a certain standard for how much display a store needs! I will introduce so much about store display techniques and methods. When we are doing displays, we must also use display skills reasonably, and we must do it with a purpose. We must not do it because others have done it. It needs to be done. At the same time as the layout, we must also have a plan in our hearts. What is the purpose of doing this in such an area and what results can it bring us? This is a correct idea.

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