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Counter top Acrylic Vape pack Display Stand design case

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Update time : 2017-12-24 13:30:00

Vape brand Client: Hello, We would like to have an acrylic display stand put on the ounter top in our distributors retail stores, the top logo need to be illuminating, and we need a lockable door at the back. can you do that?

Vape pack display stand with lock (3).jpg

Smart Future Display: Yes, we can design and manufacture for you. firstly we can make drawings and supply some mock up pictures, when you confirm it, we can make quotation and then prepare the sample.

Here is some mock up picstures design and product size. please check it.
Vape pack display stand with lock (2).jpg

Vape brand Client: it looks good, but we like to make our logo on both sides in white, no need to make it colorfull. i will send the updated logo to your email.
Smart Future Display:  we got your logo, and update the design, please check the following pictures and the required size picture.
Vape pack display stand with lock (1).jpgVape brand Client: That's exactly what we need, please prepare one sample. As your require, we pay double time cost for sample. and when we make mass production order, please repay half of it as you promised.
Smart Future Display: thanks, then we move on and will send you sample pictures very soon for your confirmation before we ship out.

Smart Future Display: Hello,  here we finshed the sample, please check the attached pictures.
Vape pack display stand with lock (5).jpg

Vape brand ClientThanks, we are happy that it looks like just what we need, please arrange shipping. after we confirm the sample, we will make orders. thanks again for your quick response and professional support.
we believe we will have good cooperation and long term businss.

These Vape display stand are made out of sturdy, high clear acrylic material, some clear cases come with a locking mechanism that is suited for your more expensive merchandise plus keeps the honest patrons honest. The designs for our merchandise varies; some are slotted, trays come with dividers, certain ones spin in addition to more so many more types and styles. Think in quantities and have your vapor device and flavors together in an all-in-one easy to shop display rack. 

Single Acrylic Vapor Battery Display

Modular Adjustable E-Cig Display

Square Acrylic Locking Showcase

Wide Slot E-Juice Liquid Display

Locking Acrylic Showcase

Vapes and E-Cigs are the new trend these days so don't get left behind. Embrace the change in your stores and provide your customers with options. These acrylic displays open a whole new opportunity for you and your store. Display a wide variety of accessories for the e-cigarettes or utilize these acrylic displays for other merchandise such as cosmetics, nail polish and other ideas. 

All Our Store Displays has a variety of acrylic retail displays to choose from so come and see for yourself. Gain attention towards a sales fixture by adding one of our retail signs to your exhibit or store window. Impulse buying creates an opportunity to increase sales. Check out our vapor displays and add them to your store shopping cart today!

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