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Acrylic Vape pack Display Stand design case

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Update time : 2018-12-24 13:31:00

Client:We want a display stand like the one below, but we don't need the side as thick as the picture, we want the head to be vertical.

Vape display stand (4).jpg

Smart Future Display: Hello, we can know the size of your product and how many boxes/items you want to display on the booth?

Client: Our product is 132*75*143mm. We want to display 8 or 12 skus on the booth. We don’t need a door, we just need to close it before opening it.

Smart Future Display: Okay, I see, we will design according to your requirements. And send the size and model pictures as soon as possible.

Vape display stand (3).jpg

Client: It looks good, can I have a size? What is the thickness of transparent acrylic and black acrylic?

Smart Future Display: We recommend 4mm for transparent parts and 8mm for black parts. But if your cost is higher, we can use thinner acrylic.

Vape display stand (2).jpg

Client: It looks good. Is it possible that we can make it look easier? We might change our minds because the booth is a bit complicated. What we want to do is a very simple design. But we need the head to be straight. Sometimes we put it on the cash register to display our products, with the open side on the back to prevent thieves. Sometimes we put it on the shelf behind the cash register. The front is open for easy removal of goods. This means that we need to be able to adjust the head. Forward or backward. can you do it?

Vape display stand (1).jpg

Smart Future Display: We understand this.

Smart Future Display: The head is detachable, there is a magnet at the bottom, and it can also be rotated 180 degrees and placed on the other side.

Client: It's good now, please make PI for the sample. When the sample is approved, we will start ordering 500 pieces. thank you very much.

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